Noisy Phone Line Faults

landline phone

When you find you have a fault on your phone line it is in your interests to try to make sure the fault is not being caused by an internal issue, If you raise a fault with your provider and an engineer is sent out and finds the fault is due to internal wiring or equipment the charges for the engineer visit can be in excess of £100.

here are a few steps you can take to help prevent any charges being made.

a) Ensure that you have tested with an alternative handset and cable.

It is important that we are not going to be raising a fault relating to your own equipment. Openreach would charge for a visit which is deemed to be outside of their control or equipment. Their responsibility lay with everything upto the master


b) Connect the handset directly into the master phone socket and not through an extension lead or slave socket. The master socket is normally found nearest to the front door of the building. We can then rule out internal wiring being the source of the fault.

A common source for noise on the line can be attributed to extension leads. To ensure that your fault isn’t related to a non-BT maintained cable replace the lead from your phone, and ensure it’s plugged into the main master socket.

c) Remove all other equipment from the line including Sky TV leads to the phone and broadband equipment.

It is important to ensure that other equipment on the line isn’t causing any problems. ADSL broadband filters, for example, are designed to ensure broadband doesn’t interfere with voice calls. When they develop a fault you may find that your line becomes noisy as they are not filtering the broadband frequencies.

d) Some phone sockets have a front plate which is removable. Behind that this plate is a test socket which should be tried. This can help rule out issues with the master socket itself.

You may need to unscrew the front of your master socket to complete this check. Behind the removable panel will be another socket to connect the phone to. If the fault is still present there is a very good chance the fault is external and now is the time to contact your provider.