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CTR Services UK are a national provider of Hosted Communication Systems. With over ten years experience CTR Services’ Hosted Phone system is an advanced alternative to traditional on site phone systems. It offers a higher level of service and flexibility, as well as being easily scalable as your business grows.


Cut Maintenance Costs…

While a traditional phone system runs on site, requiring expensive maintenance and repair contracts, with our hosted phone system experienced engineers are looking after your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning these costs are eliminated.

At the office even when your not…

Your hosted phone system is controlled by an online portal, giving you full control no matter where you are. This portal allows you to divert calls or setup automatic diverts, for events such as power loss, or connection outages so you will never miss a call again.


Connect all your locations to one system…

Phones can be connected to the system no matter the location of the premises. So if you have multiple offices, or even home workers, you enjoy the service of one phone system, with free internal calls.

Scalable with your business needs…

Where as traditional phone systems entail expensive upgrades to accommodate new staff, our hosted phone system can accommodate unlimited numbers of phones, with just a few clicks and immediate activation. Its also just as easy to downgrade your system..

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  • Time Profile – Set your phones to ring when you want them to.
  • Direct Dial Lines – Each phone can have a direct dial number.
  • Menu IVR System – 1 for sales, 2 for after sales, etc.
  • Call Transfer – Internally & externally after the call has been answered.
  • Voicemail – Voicemail can be sent via email.
  • Online Portal – Full control anywhere.
  • Call Queuing – Queue callers until answered.
  • Hold Music – Play music to the caller whilst on hold.
  • Call Recording – Record incoming and outgoing calls.



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